Ukulele Lessons


Ukulele lessons
in Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Would you like to play songs on the ukulele? Contact Graham Nunn Guitar Tuition. I take ukulele lessons in Burgess Hill.
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Play songs on the ukulele

If you've never played an instrument before, you can start with the ukulele. It can be a great introduction to music and rhythm. So, sign up for ukulele classes at Graham Nunn Guitar Tuition to get you started on your musical journey

I can teach you how to strum chords with various rhythms. With my help, you can learn how to play songs that you love. You can come back for more lessons if you need them later on. As an incredibly versatile instrument, the ukulele is very much in fashion at the moment.

Why opt for my ukulele lessons?

  • I teach different strumming styles
  • You can learn basic chord shapes easily
  • You can learn complete songs
  • All the exercises are available on a CD
A new ukulele is very cheap and affordable. It is a great first instrument for all ages. No previous musical experience is necessary to learn the ukulele.
The ukulele comes in various sizes, the smallest of which is the soprano that is ideal for children. The other sizes include concert, tenor and baritone. Call me for more details.
For fun ukulele lessons in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, contact Graham Nunn Guitar Tuition on
01444 628 934

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