Mandolin Lessons


Mandolin lessons
in Burgess Hill, West Sussex

If you're looking for mandolin lessons, contact Graham Nunn Guitar Tuition. I conduct mandolin classes in Burgess Hill, West Sussex.
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Learn how to play the mandolin

If you'd like to start learning a different acoustic instrument, why not start with the mandolin? At Graham Nunn Guitar Tuition, I offer a beginners' course. This includes playing single note melodies and learning different ways to articulate notes. You can play these over a backing track. I also teach basic chords.

I started playing the mandolin after I saw it displayed in a shop window. I used some guitar techniques to teach myself how to play it. I've also learned by watching and playing with other mandolin players at local folk clubs.

I can teach you the following:

  • Single note melodies
  • Basic chord shapes
  • Different strumming styles
  • Simple and advanced exercises
All the exercises, including backing tracks for melodies, are available on a CD. No previous musical experience is necessary to learn the mandolin with me. A good starter instrument is very affordable these days. Call me today for more details.
There are two basic types of mandolin i.e. the flatback and the bowlback. I can teach you how to play either of them. If you're choosing your first instrument, you need not spend a lot of money. I can suggest the one that fits your budget and requirements. Give me a call today.
Graham Nunn Guitar Tuition conducts mandolin lessons in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. To book a class, call on
01444 628 934

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