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Bass guitar

Bass guitar tuition
in Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Are you looking for bass guitar tuition? Contact Graham Nunn Guitar Tuition. I teach the bass guitar to students in Burgess Hill, West Sussex.
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Create your own bass lines

If you want to learn the bass guitar, contact Graham Nunn Guitar Tuition. I can teach you basic techniques and how to create your own bass lines. With my lessons, you'll also learn how to recognise these bass lines when you're learning songs.

Most of my bass guitar exercises are recorded with other instruments. You can learn how to play the bass guitar along with the drums. I've included the exercises in tablature and also recorded them on a CD. My bass style studies can show you how to play an appropriate bass line for a particular style of music. I can also teach you how to sight-read. Once you've learnt the basic techniques, you can start playing with other musicians right away.

Why opt for my bass guitar classes?

  • My lessons are tailored to suit your style and level of playing
  • You can learn complete songs
  • All exercises are available on CD or mp3
  • You can learn how to play in a band
  • You can learn how to create your own bass lines
  • You can learn how to sight-read
With my help, you can learn how to read and interpret chord charts. This is one of the most common ways that musicians share songs among each other. 
I believe a bassist needs to have a different attitude as compared to a guitarist. You get to play only one note at a time, and this has to be the right one. To discuss this further, call me today.
If you're looking for bass guitar tuition, contact Graham Nunn Guitar Tuition on
01444 628 934.
I conduct classes in Burgess Hill, West Sussex.

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