I use a progressive teaching method for all the instruments I teach. You can start at any level - in your first lesson I will look at what you know and discuss what you would like to do to take your playing further If you are a complete beginner you start with the basics and as you build up technique we start applying it to music.

I am happy to teach my students songs and have a large library of music. I also believe in teaching the whole song - a lot of teachers might show you bits and pieces but if you want to play with other musicians you need to know more than just intros!

I am happy to prepare students for exams in Classical, Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar.

All I require from you is that you find time to practice. Lessons can be organised weekly or every two weeks if you need a bit more time to practice.   

I am now a KalliKids approved supplier.

About My Lessons

For Ukulele I offer a 6-week course of lessons to get you started and more if you want to to take it further.

I also now teach beginner to intermediate Mandolin.

Ukulele & Mandolin

This year I have expanded my Exercise for Bass Guitar and by the end of the Summer 2011 there three separate CDs and around 50 worksheets covering a number of different styles and techniques.

Bass Lessons

Bass Guitar Mandolin Bass Guitar

I will not pretend I am now or ever was famous but I have been working as a musician for a number of years, usually in a  semi-professional situation. The Driscoll Brothers duo I play in has been gigging regularly for many years.

I have played guitar in a number of bands including a three piece rock covers band and a five piece rock band playing original material. I have played guitar (and banjo, lap steel guitar and mandolin) in musicals produced by friends and local rep companies. I write my own music and have made a number of privately released albums. For more on my own music you can visit my web page which gives you a brief history of some of the projects I have worked on.

More importantly to anyone visiting this page I have played guitar for over 30 years and Bass for over 20.

As well as teaching privately I teach in two local schools, Hurstpierpoint College and Tavistock & Summerhill.

For Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar exams I recommend Rockschool™. I use Trinity for Classical but I am also happy teaching other Exam boards.

All levels catered for from beginner to advanced.

Guitar Lessons

You may not be a complete beginner. I tailor my lessons to the individual. If you have been playing a while and would just like try some new ideas I am happy to help.   

I have a huge range of Exercises available for electric guitar to take you right from the start to advanced. I also have additional ‘Courses’ on more specific subjects.

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar Electric Guitar

I have recently revised my acoustic guitar worksheets to include a more comprehensive range of accompaniment and solo playing styles. All exercises have also been re-recorded.

Acoustic & Classical

Acoustic Guitar

About Me